Thursday, February 1, 2018

Artsy Cafe: worthy-everything!

In order to make a classic dish stand out, you have to make it exceptional. Artsy Cafe rounded up some of the country's well-loved dishes and served them in their full glory.
Check out some of the dishes we tried:
-Nori Fries were a delightful upgrade to your typical fries. They serve it with Japanese mayo.
The Kani Salad was very generous and clean on the palate. The fried kani gave a memorable texture to this dish.
-Kare-Kare had the right amount of thickness and nutty flavor, and the meat was tender. Homemade bagoong was to die for.
-The T-Bone was as delicious as it looks. Meat was tender, and gravy was not overwhelming.
-Lengua. First time eating this, but will definitely not be my last. The meat melts in your mouth like how in the world did this happen.
Bangus which they import from Dagupan was fresh and subtle. The flavor from the fish was enough to make this dish stand out.
Layered Heaven Cake lived up to its name. It was heavenly.
Overall, the experience was phenomenal. From the beautiful interiors, to the amazing dishes. Will definitely be back to try out the other dishes, and maybe another round of the Kare-Kare and lengua. Hah!
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