Breakfast at Antonios

This is my first time to try out Breakfast at Antonio's. I am actually from Silang and though the place is a bit near from us this is my first time to try this out. 

We came around 9:00am because we are also scheduled to meet the owners of the restaurant. (Yes, Sir Tony himself). THe restaurant has this homy ambiance and the interior are so simple and very laid back. There are actually three restaurants owned by Sir Tony, these are Antonio's , Breakfast at Antonio's and the Grill. They are actually building a new restaurant which will open on May 2015 which is called Balai Dako. All of these restaurants are located in Tagaytay City.

We met Sir Tony at Breakfast at Antonio's which is known for its very good breakfast. I had to taste their Beef Tapa, their Burger (i forgot the name  :( sorry ), their calamansi slush and some freshly baked cookies.

I ordered beef tapa and it comes with two eggs of your choice. I had mine with sunny side up and scrambled. I loved the big sheet of tapa slices and the taste of the tapa. This is complimented by the pickled jelly, which I thought at first was a dessert. Or you can have it with the traditional suka for dipping. But I prefer the sweet and sour jelly.

I totally forgot the name of the burger but it has something to do with the meat. Their burger is big and if you have a little appetite this can serve two. The burger we ordered was medium well and with caramelized onions. This is really big with fries on the side. It is served in a pandesal textured bun. This can have you full in no time. For easier munching use both hands. I loved the burger together with some mustard or their Curry Tomato Ketchup. The fries were good too and very crispy.

For the drinks I decided to have their calamansi slush since I had a cold. This one is so good that it is not sour and it is very much refreshing. Sir Tony advised us to have their Sumiyaki coffee. We had it Iced and it is so delicious. You first mixed it with the cream on top and then you add the sweetness with their simple syrup.

To top this, we were served with some freshly baked cookies. Freshly baked that it was still oven hot. 

Overall the place is nice and the staff is very accommodating. This is definitely a must try in Tagaytay.

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