El Pago Sausages

This place is a recommendation from a friend who recently been in the place for a couple of times now. I decided to give it a try and to check out the place.

The place is near aurora boulevard along vancouver avenue just beside the Immaculate Concepcion church so you if you see the church it's very near.
The place is not your typical restaurant. This is more like the Maginhawa St. style of restaurant whixh is sometimes look like a garage. THe food is cooked in the grill outside near the tables so you can see how your sausages are cooked.

This place offer only two kinds of food. The Sausage in a Bun (Classic or Spicy) and the Hand Pulled Pork Sandwich. I decided to check out their classic sausage. The price of their sausage is P125 each. I am really surprised with the size and the price of the sausage and the taste? It is AWESOME. The sausage is so juicy and taste perfect. Not to salty and not bland. This goes well with their special dressing which is so delectable it fits the sausage so well.

This is a must try food especially if your are just near the place or after you go to the church. They also offer their frozen sausages so you can cook them at home.


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