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"Guilt free Italian cooking." This is what Pastaroni Restaurant's promise to their customers. I was lucky enough to be invited by Zomato Philippines to experience this hidden awesomeness in Bonifacio Global City.

The restaurant is really a bit hidden and I actually thought I was lost when I came in. The place is located at the 2nd Floor of Commercenter in the corner of 4th avenue and 31st Street in BGC. The entrance of the restaurant is near the HSBC side and you'll take either the elevator or the stairs to go up. Do not be shocked when you found out that it is a parking area just go ahead, and Pastaroni is the second restaurant in the second floor.

We had a lot in store for tonight and I am really excited to try every dish. The first dish that was served to us is their Meatball Marinara. A big and juicy meatball that is very flavorful you may opt to eat it with rice which in fact is being served in the restaurant.
In just a bit, they served us two kinds of Pizza which is the Italian Sausage Pizza and the Roasted Vegetable Pizza. I liked the Italian Sausage Pizza better than the other but it is not bad at all. Their pizza is made of wheat so if you're kinda looking for a healthy crust this one is good for you.

Next on their list is their version of Osso Buco. Tender Beef Chunks in a tomato based sauce which is very tasty and a bit on the sour side maybe because of the sauce.

After having some meat chunks and pizza we were served by Six (6) kinds of pasta dishes as follows:

Sausage Arrabbiata, which is one of the favorites for tonight. The sausage is just too tasty and juicy it can stand on its own. The noodles is al dente and the sauce is not that spicy. A good serving that can be shared by two.
Baked Fish Pesto Cream Penne, a creamy pesto based pasta topped with a big slice of cream dory fish. This is quite a heavy meal by itself and can served around two people. 

Smoked Salmon Linguine, a cream based pasta topped with smoked salmon. I find the salmon a bit raw for me since I am not a big fan of raw foods. Though the sauce is good the smoky taste of the salmon could be improved

Spicy Tuna Spaghetti, a very simple tuna spaghetti tossed in olive oil with fresh basil, tomatoes and black olives. Though some of my fellow foodies did not liked the pasta because of the somewhat canned tuna taste of the dish, I find it very satisfying and tasty. Yes, the canned tuna taste is there but I liked it.

Spanish Chorizo and Roasted Tomato and Garlic Linguine, chorizo and tomato on my pasta is love. This pasta dish has a very traditional taste. A simple tomato based pasta perfect for dinner.
Baked Italian Sausage and Mushroom, it is a baked creamy tomato based pasta. This one is like baked mac with bits of sausages. The can dish can serve two to three people and served really hot.

After being overwhelmed by what we had, then came our dessert in three parts: The Carrot Cake, The Choco Lava and The Chunky Chocolate cake. Amongst these three lovely cakes The chunky chocolate is my favorite next is the choco lava and the third is the carrot cake.  The carrot cake tasted like it had no carrots in it while the choco lava is a mildy hot tempered chocolate volcano. The chunky chocolate has chunks of chocolates in between layers of chocolate cake. A perfect way to end your night of eating here at Pastaroni.

Moving over to why they are guilt free, here are some facts about Pastaroni:

1. The restaurant only use Italian Pasta made of durum wheat semolina flour which is a good source of complex carbohydrates and it is NOT the fattening flour;
2. Their tomato based sauced are made from Italian canned tomatoes  cooked with fresh herbs and spices;
3. Their cream based sauces are made from reduced fat cream base;
4. ONLY olive oils are used in all oil based pasta;
5. The pizza sauce is a recipe of Pastaroni using only the fresh ingredients;
6. They ONLY use whole wheat super thin pizza crust;
7. Their meatballs and meat sauce is made from 100% meat using 90% Lean beef and pork, while their chicken are all skinless;
8. They use organic brown rice; and
9. Their cooking process does noy include DEEP FRYING.

So there you have it, if you are looking for a really great dining experience you must come and vist Pastaroni in BGC. The food is really great and their staffs are very very welcoming. The restaurant does not offer alcoholic beverages and you can bring your OWN alcoholic beverages with no charges. Just remember to drink moderately, well in this case a bottle of wine would be perfect

Many thanks to Ms. Roni and her staff for accommodating us and giving us this complimentary dinner.

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  1. The dishes look enticing! Yum! :D

  2. Naeexcite na ko. Ill be here tonight with my two weird friends. Hehe

  3. Naeexcite na ko. Ill be here tonight with my two weird friends. Hehe


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