The Perfect Beer Match : The Perfect Pint BGC

I am so excited when I was invited by Zomato Philippines for this foodie event. This is actually the first time that I am going for a Zomato Event.

For tonight, the featured restaurant is The Perfect Pint in Bonifacio Global City. The restaurant is located at the 2nd Floor of Crossroads, 32nd Street, Bonifacio Global City. The restaurant offers perfect Beer + Meal pairing by Chef Gene Gonzales. I really don’t know what to expect from the restaurant and all I know of is that is a Gastro pub. Our host for tonight
is Sir Alec of Perfect Pint.

It was a Friday night and I was expecting that the restaurant might be full when I came in. I arrived around 6:00 PM and the restaurant is almost about full. For tonight, our menu includes The Perfect Pint’s Oyster Sisig, Tuna Tenders, Kapal Face with House Pickles, Truffle Pizza, The Perfect Pint Sausage Platter, The Perfect pint Cheesecake and their Freshly Baked
Caramel Brownie Smores with Rhum Raisin Ice Cream.

For our first appetizer we had their Oyster Sisig. What I really love about this dish is that the oyster is actually crunchy and crispy. At first I thought that this will be a juicy sisig but I was wrong. This is really really perfect for your beer as a pulutan or even with rice.

Next on our menu is their Tuna Tenders. So it is Tuna Tenders and I am actually thinking about chunks of Tuna maybe deep fried like fish fillets from other regular restaurants but then again I was wrong. The Tuna Tenders is made of Tuna Testicles. Yes, it came to me as a surprise that we can actually eat Tuna testicle or any other testicles from any other fish.
Well, to sum it up the testicles or the Tuna Tenders tasted a bit creamy and it is perfect together with their special vinegar on the side.
After our appetizers have been served, we are now preparing for their House Specialties or should we say our Main Course. The first one on the list is their Kapal Face with House Pickles. This dish is actually my favorite and
this one is a must try from Perfect Pint. The dish is almost like their version of Crispy Pata without the bones. I think that this is made of a pig’s face well maybe that’s where it gets its name. I had this dish
together with one of their Pivo Praha Weizen Beer. This is a very light beer which I find perfect for this dish.

Next on the list is their Truffle Pizza, this is actually my first time to try a Truffle Pizza and this one is actually good. The pizza is cheesy and crunchy and the truffle flavor is not actually very over powering the whole dish.

Served next is their Sausage Platter, which is another favorite of mine. This is a very big meal which include four big sausages and fries. I think this plate can serve up to two persons. Their sausages are very juicy and I
tried this one together with 32nd Street Pale Ale which is a bit too strong for me though.

After all the tasty meals and after resting our tummy for a little while, here comes our dessert. They served The Perfect Pint Cheesecake which is very creamy and I the middle layer of the cake is similar to that of an eggpie.

Second one on our dessert list is their Freshy Baked Brownie Smores with Rhum Raisin Ice Cream. As the name implies, the brownie is really freshly baked as it is hot and moist from the inside. Perfectly served with ice
cream, the recipe is like a hot and cold dessert that some may actually try out.

To cap the night, my favorites are their Oyster Sisig, Kapal Face with House Pickles, The Perfect Pint Sausage Platter and their Pivo Praha Weizen Beer. The restaurant is very accessible and the food servings are generous.

Thank you to Sir Alec for the complimentary food and the accommodation.


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