Udon and much more: Oudon Restaurant BGC

Another foodie event courtesy of Oudon Restaurant in BGC. The restaurant is just above Mcdo in 7th Avenue Bonifacio Global City. 

The restaurant offers Japanese cuisine and their specialty are Udon Noodles. Udon noodles are a bit thick and chewy unlike regular noodles. We are having a lot for tonight and here are my recommendations for this restaurant . The restaurant offers rice tea refills for your drinking pleasure.

First of all, they have a lot of appetizers that you can choose from. They really have some really good starters in the menu and to start our night we had their Ika Daikon. The dish is a combination of squid and and Japanese Radish. The combination is a bit odd for me because I normally do not like radish. It taste a bit salty and sweet.

One of the most intriguing appetizer from Oudon is their Teba Gyoza. This is a bit different since the gyoza is wrapped in chicken wings. So instead of using the regular wrapper they put it inside the chicken wings. Making the gyoza tastier and juicier.

They also have the Satsuma Age which is grilled fishcake. Unlike the regular fried fishcake this one is grilled which add a smoky flavor in it. I really liked this one with its rich seafood and grilled taste.

The restaurant also offers Ebi Tempura and Tori Karaage.

This is also my first time to try out sashimi since I am not a fan of raw food. Well, it turns out pretty well. The salmon sashimi is good and I am actually surprised. Same goes with their tuna sashimi. 

And now we come to the main meal for tonight, the Udon Noodles. There's a lot of Udon Noodles to choose from. You can either have it hot or cold. Light or creamy. For tonight, we are given our own choice of Udon Noodles. I ordered their Ebiten Udon. This one is hot Udon Noodles topped with Ebi Tempura with rice on the side. This one is a bit on the mild flavor side this is not bad though I prefer a richer flavored noodle.

I also had the chance to try some of their Udon Noodles courtesy of my fellow foodies in the house. I would recommend their curry udon, cream zanmai udon and basil udon pasta. The curry udon is topped with katsu and this is actually really good. If you like to have a hot soup, the cream zanmai is just perfect with the cold weather and your hungry tummy. It is topped with seafoods and served with rice. The basil pasta is good and it is something new to have pasta with udon noodles. 

(Cream Zanmai Udon)

                (Basil Pasta)

For dessert, the Matcha Ice Cream is good and tasty as well as their kinako and ankoro mochi. Just perfect to end your meal. 

Each udon order comes with a bowl of rice and unlimited Udon Noodles and Soup. Yes, UNLIMITED UDON NOODLES AND SOUP. So if you're still hungry with one serving you may ask for a refill. This applies with Udon dishes except pasta.

Note: we met the Chef of the restaurant and we discovered that their Soup Base is actually imported from Japan. Well that is new for me. So the soup base of your noodles really came from Japan.

Overall, the restaurant is a good place to go to if you wanted to try something new especially with noodles. Their serving is big like their serving bowls. And when I say big it is BIG. Must try in BGC.

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