A Slice of Splice Resto Bar : A personal note.

I was lucky enough to be able to attend this Zomato event at Splice Modern Feast in Mandaluyong. The restaurant is located at Greenfield district near Starbucks Coffee.The restaurant itself is very spacious and cozy inside. 

For our appetizer, we had their Sriracha Butter wings, which is my first Sriracha Wings to try. The chicken is tender and it is not that spicy for me. The butter and mild spice is just really right for me. This is really finger licking madness as their menu said. You can add a Bleu Cheese Dip for an extra PHP 40.

The restaurant offers pasta dishes and we are able to try out their Danggit and Chicken Skin Carbonara and Tequila Mussels Linguine. We first had their Tequila Mussels Linguine. The chili is just right for me and the New Zealand mussels is good also. The dash of chili and pesto is just right to add flavor to the dish.

The other pasta that was served to us was their Danggit and Chicken Skin Carbonara. I really liked this because the creaminess of the sauce is balanced with the saltiness of the danggit and crispiness of the chicken skin. You would really not stop munching on this.

One of the treasures of this restaurant is their 8 Hour Series. This is made up of seasoned pork belly which is cooked for 8 hours to make it tender and flavorful. You can also choose your rice between Italian Rice, Buko Pandan or Dirty Rice. The first one we tried is their 8 Hour BBQ Belly with their Dirty Rice. The pork is really really tender and the dirty rice is awesome. Imagine when you're at home and you put your rice in a pan where your bacon or any other meat was cooked, really flavorful. This dish comes with a corn salsa on the side. They also have their 8 Hour Pork Bely Confit with Chili Balsamic Vinegar and their 8 Hour Brown Sugar Belly. All of the 8 hour series is really tender and flavorful. Definitely a must try.

One of the crowd favorite was their Homer’s Doughnut Burger. This is their version of burger in their own restaurant baked doughnut. This one is “masarap” for me. This is made up of their Glaze doughnut, Home made beef patty, Japanese mayo, American cheese and bacon with fries on the side.

We also had their Chicken Saltimbocca which is chicken wrapped in bacon that is very creamy and buttery. Serving is really generous. You should also try their Beef Pares which is really comforting. Both are really good if eaten with rice and can be for sharing.


We had Smores for dessert and it is really good to end our Splice Foodie experience.   

The food here is really good and there’s a lot of choices for you to choose from. The restaurant offers entertainment every night for the customer and for the wifi junkies, yes there is internet. The dining area is spacious and could fit groups. Definitely a must try within the area. 

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