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Me and my cousins decided to try out Vine Cafe by FNS in Pasig. The restaurant is located in Burgos Street, San Jose, Kapasigan, Pasig City. The restaurant itself offers a pretty cool interior with various paintings on the walls as well as their chairs and tables. The restaurant is really selfie worthy.
The menu offers a different kind of twist on your regular dishes. For today we are trying out Buffalove, Let's Stop and Tokwa While, Adobo Panini, Eat Me if You Kare, Sisig Me Softly and I cream For You. Here are my personal foodie notes.
Buffalove, this is their version of Buffalo Wings. Since one of my cousin cannot eat spicy foods, we asked not to mix the sauce to the chicken. The chicken turned out crispy and a bit dry in the inside. But wait, since we didn't had it mixed with the buffalo sauce I think the experience would have been better. My foodie note? Masarap with reservations.
Let's Stop and Tokwa While, their take on tempura but they use tofu. I really like the tofu slices because even though it is thick the tofu is cooked inside. Though I find it a bit bland from the inside, I liked it since I can taste real tofu goodness, no bad aftertaste from not so good tofu. They could upgrade the dipping sauce to something more flavorful than mayo I guess. My foodie note? Masarap with reservations.
Adobo Panini, is a simple and good dish. I prefer to have it a bit spicy but everything else is good. Eat it while it is hot. Foodie note? Masarap. 
Eat Me If You Kare, this is Kare Kare Pasta. Yes, kare kare on your pasta. It is kinda weird at first there is something in it that makes you eat it more. I am a kare kare guy so I think a little more peanut flavor for me will do. My foodie note on this one? Masarap. (I forgot a close up photo).
Sisig Me Softly, pasta topped with sisig. Though I really wonder if this will be great with or without the calamansi. I tried it without the calamansi. I am just not particular with the sauce  or it is just tossed sisig over pasta. I think a little more tweak will make this more awesome. Foodie note? Masarap with a little reservation.
I Cream For You is their version of carbonara. Honestly, too ordinary for me if I based it on the first two pasta that I've tried. My personal foodie note? Masarap with reservations.
Overall, I really liked the interior of the restaurant. It is actually really appealing and this is a big shot to teens. I also liked how they choose the name of the dishes which is really clever. The staffs of the restaurant are really nice and accommodating. The pricing is really awesome too. A really cool place to sip a hot cup of coffee and read a book. Though I am wondering if the restaurant is full during school days since it is near a school. Good Job Guys.

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  1. It's near my place but I have never tried it. Looks enticing! Great photos as well. :)

  2. Good food and good place to take selfies. :)


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