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So I had the chance to be invited by Zomato Philippines for a dinner at Aracama Restaurant and Lounge in The Fort Strip Bonifacio Global City. As you look from the outside, the restaurant will give you a very classy impression. As cited by a foodie friend, the restaurant was the former Embassy Super Club but now it is transformed into this very beautiful dine in place. The interior of the restaurant is very classy especially the area on the second floor. They had a special event when we dine it but since the restroom is on the second floor I was able to get a sneak peek of the second floor.    Aracama Restaurant and Lounge offers a wide variety of Filipino cuisine for your eating pleasure.
Our dinner started out with a serving of their Sisig Fries. Crispy french fries topped with their very own sisig. Although the sisig is not crispy it is still worth it. For me, the crispiness of the fries is enough that the sisig is not crispy at all. My foodie note? Masarap.

The next dish that was served to us was their Chop Chop Salad. Unlike the regular salad, the greens have been chopped into smaller strips. The salad dressing is somewhat sweet and a bit spicy that is really good for my tastebuds. The salad is also topped with pieces of chicken meat for added flavor. My foodie note? Masarap.
After the appetizing starters here comes our main dishes for tonight. We were served with their Kalkag Rice, Kalkag are baby shrimps in Ilonggo. So this is basically fried rice with kalkag or baby shrimp. I really think that this could be great if they added a little more kalkag in the rice to incorporate its taste in the rice. The fried rice is also a bit oily and a bit bland. My foodie note? Masarap (with resevations).
One of the first main dishes that was served to us is the Hipon and Bechuelas. This is a laksa flavored dish with shrimps and bechuelas or Habichuelas. Bechuelas is a kind of beans that is somewhat look like baguio beans. As for me, the laksa is a bit bland. The curry and the coconut milk milk combination lacks flavor. Just a little bit of flavor and this will go perfectly fine. My foodie note? Masarap (with reservations).
Next one in our menu is their Sinigang na Baka. The Sinigang na Baka however have been missing in our table. But then again, we checked out that our only soup based dish is this Bulalo taste soup. We were surprised that this is indeed their sinigang. A sinigang without a hint of sourness. But then again with respect to the dish it is really good. The beef is really tender and the flavor is all in place. If not  for the vegetables inside the pot I wouldn't recognized that this is the Sinigang na Baka. My foodie note? Masarap (with reservations).
We were served with Aracama's Crispy Pata. A very appealing meal from the way it looks. The skin is really crispy but the meat itself is a bit dry and bland. You needed to dip it to their sauce for added flavor. My foodie note? Hindi Masarap (with reservations).
Next in line is their Spicy Mushrooms. This is a bit weird tasting for me. The mushrooms mixed with the vegetables didn't actually fit for me. This dish somehow resembles to the Shrimp and Bechuelas dish that was served to us. My foodie note? Hindi Masarap.
We also had their Crispy Fried Chicken. Chicken flavored with yogurt and then fried. This is also the chicken chops that was in the Chop Chop Salad. I was surprised that it tasted differently. My foodie note? Hindi Masarap.
After a lot of those dishes we rested for a while and wait for our dessert. The first one served was their Chocnut Ice Crea. This one is really really good and I can really taste the chocnut and this will really tickle your tastebuds. I can even have two of this. My foodie note? Masarap.
The final dish for tonight is their Dulce Gatas and Bunuelos. Pastry puffs with caramelized condensed milk on the side. I really liked the caramelized milk that you can actually put as much as you want to the pastry puff. My foodie note? Masarap.
Overall, some of the dishes were good and some are not good for me. There is actulally a lot that restaurant has to offer and we only tasted a little of it. I will definitely be back here for more and I know that it will also be an exciting one. 
Thanks again to the management of Aracama Restaurant and Lounge for the dinner and for Zomato Philippines for inviting me.

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