Charcoal Grill Goodness : Tajimaya Sumibi Yakiniku (Rockwell)

A real gem of Rockwell, Tajimaya Sumibi Yakiniku. Yes, that is my impression after I had dinner in the restaurant. It is might as well called a hidden gem since the restaurant is a bit hidden at the ground floor of One Rockwell. The restaurant is well known for its charcoal grill cooking.
Tonight is an event courtesy of Tajimaya and Zomato Philippines. Our night started out with us meeting one of the owner of the restaurant, Ms. Michelle. After a quick introduction we were flooded by a lot of sumptuous meals that I wanted to share with you.
We started the night with a serving of the Tajimaya Tamagoyaki. Tasty and juicy fried beef egg roll with a really nice soy based sauce. A really good appetizer to start with. My foodie note? Masarap.
The next thing that served is their Salmon Sashimi. I really do not eat sashimis but still my fellow foodies insisted. This is my second time to try out a salmon sashimi and my first one was not really bad. So here I go again eating a slice of Tajimaya's Tuna Sashimi. It really turns out to be so good and I think I had about two slices. The sashimi is juicy without the fishy after taste. My foodie note? Masarap.
We were later on served with their Tomato Sarada or their Tomato Salad. This is a fancy tomato salad that is carefully sliced and arranged to look like a very nice art form. I really suggest that you mix up the salad first before eating the salad. My foodie note? Masarap.
We were also served with their pickles. The Kimuchi Moriawase or their hot pickles and their Namuru Moriawase or assorted pickles. The latter is much better for me since it taste a bit sweet. My foodie note? Masarap (with reservations).
The next dish that was served to us is a proud recipe of Tajimaya's chef. The Deep Fried Camembert Cheese is coated and fried into a perfect golden brown color. It is served with 3 jams as side dips.  This is a balance of sweet, salty and creaminess all in one.
The star of the night is really their Wagyu Beef and this is the most amazing part of all. The fresh sliced wagyu is charcoal grilled for your liking. But I really suggest that you let the restaurant staffs to cook it for you. They really know how to cook the wagyu beef. We had their Wagyu Set C which includes slices of Wagyu Serloin, Tokojou Karubi, Jou Karubi, Karubi Wagyu and Sancyu. So how was it? It is extremely awesome melt in your mouth goodness. You must really try their wagyu even just once. My foodie note? Masarap (DEFINITELY).

The restaurant also served us their Japanese Sausages. According to Ms. Michelle, their sausages are imported from Japan. The sausages are also grilled and I also suggest that you let them grill it for you. Juicy and tasty grilled sausages. My foodie note? Masarap.

We're also served with their Vegetable Fried Rice and their Bibinba. The vegetable fried rice is very simple while the bibinba is packed with flavors and you should mix it while it is hot to let the egg cook. My foodie note? Masarap.
I was also served with a bowl of spicy hot soup which is really a relief after eating all of that meat. This one on my note is? Masarap.
For our dessert we were served with Ice Cream Mochi. The cool thing about this mochi is that the mochi's outer layer is thin enough that you can actually savor the ice cream inside. Foodie note? Masarap.
To cap the night, Ms. Michelle offered us their Yamazaki Single Malt Whisky. A perfect way to end up this feast.
Overall, the restaurant is a real must try within the area. The food is really good and the service is really excellent. Grateful for Ms. Michelle for giving us a complimentary dinner and letting us experience Tajimaya. This is truly one heck of a night.

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