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When talking about a kanto, we usually see this as a place where you can hang out or in Filipino terms it is to “Tambay”. This is very common in streets here in the Philippines, since there’s a lot of sari sari stores or perhaps a barbecue grill. Some also connotes a kanto as a place where people drink for fun.
This is the first impression that I had when I first saw Kanto Grill from our office. I easily associated the name of the restaurant to a drinking hub. The restaurant just opened a branch in Jupiter so we care enough to drop by the restaurant.
I visited the place three times already. The restaurant interiors has a very vibrant kanto feel in it. With murals and even the menu painted on their walls. The easiest time to visit the place is during lunch time since most of the customers of Kanto Grill goes here for a drink.
I have tried the following dishes from this foodie hub which include their Beef Kare Kare, Crispy Bicol Express, Lechon Kawali, Dinuguan, Fried Plapla and their Isaw. The food serving is good for three or maybe you can stretch it to four if you’re on a budget.

Their Beef Kare Kare is creamy and tasty. I love the sauce since I can taste the peanut in it. The consistency of the kare Kare sauce is also a bit thick which I love. The vegetables are not overcooked though I would suggest if they can put a little more vegetables. There was also a visit wherein our kare kare don’t have a bagoong on the side. We waited until we finished half of it before it arrived.

The Crispy Bicol Express is also one for the go. The dish is basically a serving of their Lechon Kawali with the mild spicy gata. The lechon kawali is crispy while the gata sauce could be spicier and creamier for me.
I always like to have a serving of Dinuguan whenever I saw one on a restaurant menu. For Kanto Grill, I find their dinuguan satisfying. The dish is not too sour and not too salty. It would be really good if this is purely meat with less internal organs (lol), still the dish is good.

Their Fried Plapla is really good with their spicy tamarind sauce on the side. The crispy fish is flavored mildy which on the other hand is complemented by the tamarind sauce.
We had the chance to order their isaw, since there are times where the grilling station is not yet available especially during lunch time. We opted to have it well cooked unlike the first time that we order a batch of it. The grilled isaw is really good as a side dish or even with rice. The special suka of the restaurant made it better.
Overall, the restaurant is perfectly fine if you’re going to grab lunch with your buddies within the Jupiter area. The pricing is a bit reasonable with the serving size. The staff are very attentive at the time we were there.

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