13 Ubay St.

What does the teleserye "Pangako Sa'yo" and the number 13 have in common? Well it is really hard to ponder and my first ever joke is a fail. Kidding aside, the teleserye restaurant named "KusYna" is actually the restaurant in Quezon City named 13 Ubay St. The restaurant is located along Ubay Street in Banawe where it got the half of its name while the number 13 is the number of grandchildren of the owner's grandfather.
The restaurant is displays some pretty interesting pieces inside. It includes a collection of masks made from different parts of the world, there are photos of some indigenous people and some paintings. Most of these were from the owner's grandfather who previously worked with the Philippine Tourism agency.
13 Ubay St. location was previously a printing press before Ms. Zaza, the owner, decided to put up the restaurant. It has a very big dining area upstair which could accommodate a great number of guests. 

Our menu for today
We started off with their Small Plates on The Grill. This is not actually being served in the restaurant yet. This is a pairing of a meat dish and a cocktail drink.
The first one that I've tried among the three is their Banana and Liver paired with Miel de Abejo. The bitesize meat is made out of their homemade bacon with banana and liver inside. I liked their bacon bacon it is not too salty and it is easy to chew. The combination of the banana and liver was also surprisingly good for me. The cocktail drink on the other hand is a refreshing mix of tequila and ginger. Not an expert with drinks but it is good for me. Well as I am writing, my foodie note for this one is Masarap.

The next that I tried was the Grilled Cheese paired with Vine Cooler. Who would not love the combination of creamy cheese and bacon? This is really good paired with their vine cooler which is a mix of vodka some mint and honey. We thought that this is just a plain juice because you can't taste any alcohol in it, but we're amazingly wrong. For the love of cheese and bacon, this is definitely Masarap without any reservations.

The last piece that I tried was their Beef and Shimeji paired with 13 Ubay. The beef is tender and the Shimeji mushroom is really juicy and lite. The real star between the pair is their 13 Ubay mix. A combination of tequila, honey cucumber and chilli. Drink it all in one shot and boom. Cold and spicy drink. Masarap without reservations.

We were also served with their Fried Tripe after our starter set. It is very unusual for me to see fried tripe since I normally eat this with. This dish is made out of a nicely cooked tripe that is tender dipped with a simple batter. This is really good with their Suka. Surprisingly good and masarap without reservations.
Their Cured Salmon Salad has a very light balsamic dressing. The cured salmon is really good and it is not very salty on contrary to what I am expecting. This would be masarap with just a little more dressing.
This is my first time to actually try Chicken Harissa. It is a North African hot chili pepper paste made from various chili and herbs. The chicken is not spicy and flavor is really on the outside. This is masarap with a bit of reservation since the chicken is juicy but it is a bit bland inside. A little more kick and this is a hit. 
The Shrimps in Aligue is really perfect with rice. The shrimps are well cooked while the sauce is balanced. The only thing missing is the rich and creamy taste of Aligue. This would be more masarap with a little more aligue.
The Three Hour Pork Belly is tender and full of taste. The skin is creamy and also tasty and it is perfectly a hit with their Suka. The only thing about the pork meat is that it a bit dry, but setting that aside this is also a sure hit. Masarap with just a little reservation.
For our desserts, we had their Tres Leches. The sponge cake is moist and I personally would love this more with a little more condensed milk. 
This is my first time to try Beignet. It is a French term for a pastry made from deep fried choux pastry. This triangular shaped fried pastries is drizzled with some powdered sugar.

Their Chocolate Praline is chocolatey good with merangue in between layers. The pastry is a bit dry but it still has the flavor in it. 
Overall, the restaurant is a pretty cool place to hang out because of the big restaurant space. The restaurant look is very relaxed and it is very well lit. The food is good and the serving size could be shared by two people. I would rate the restaurant 3.5 out of 4. Thank you to Zomato Philippines and Ms. Zaza for the chance to try out 13 Ubay St.

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