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The Bagnet is a famous Ilocano dish that is similar to Lechon Kawali. It is made from pork belly that is boiled and double fried to attain a crispy texture. Bagnet has been one of the most favorite dish of some Pinoys. There has been a lot of restaurants that offer their version of bagnet. Some are even using the bagnet to create an even more sumptuous dish. 

In Makati, one of the most visited bagnet place is 8065 Bagnet. The restaurant is located at 8065 Estrella Street, San Antonio, Makati. The place is a bit far from other restaurant chains and the place looks more of a residential area.The restaurant offers different variations of the Bagnet and I was able to try some of them. 
Regular Bagnet, a serving of their bagnet that comes with green mangoes and bagoong on the side. Their bagnet is crispy and tasty which is perfect with rice. When I last visited the restauarant, they do not offer any sauce with the bagnet. Originally, they offer Mang Tomas sauce with it, but now you have the option to buy from the outside or taste their homemade bagnet gravy which I find not appetizing. Masarap with a bit of reservation because the bagnet is good with a good vinegar or perhaps that good old Mang Tomas.

Kare Kare Bagnet, a serving of 8065's bagnet with Kare Kare sauce. Basically bagnet topped with Kare Kare sauce. The sauce is a bit okay and would have been so much better if it had more vegetables. Masarap with a bit of reservation.
Bagnet Spicy Gata, bagnet with spicy gata sauce. The gata is creamy and good. The spiciness level is also tolerable. Masarap without reservations.
Dinuguan Bagnet, bagnet in dinuguan sauce. This is one of the most surprising dish for me. The bagnet is crispy and a bit tender at the same time. The dinuguan mix is also good and very tasty. Masarap without reservations.
Overall, the bagnet is good if your looking for a bagnet place not far from the business area of Makati. Not much parking area and I should advise you to talk to Manong guard so you won't end up circling the whole area to find one. The place is a bit dark inside and can be full of customers during lunch and dinner time. Service is not so good especially during peak hours. The food servings are good and the pricing is very fair. My personal rating for the restaurant is a 3 out of 5.

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