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Hungry and looking for some healthy and guilt free food? Well, if you're around Jupiter Street in Makati, you can try out Corner Tree Cafe Vegetarian Food. The restaurant is located at 150 Jupiter Street corner Saturn Street and it is really actually in the corner with a tree.

I visited the place when I was touring some friends in the area. It was a Sunday evening and the restaurant we're supposed to have dinner was closed. I recommended this place since one of my officemate have been here.

For tonight we had their Corner Tree Starter Plate, Vegetable Dumplings, Arroz Ala Cubana, Thai Vegetable Curry, Kare Kareng Gulay and Lemon and Orange Sorbet.

The Corner Tree Starter Plate includes some toasted wheat breads, olive oil dip, hummus, zucchinis and carrots. A very nice and very light starter plate. The vegetables are fresh and crunchy. This is a very simple dish that is Masarap.
You can also have their Vegetable Dumpling as an appetizer while waiting for your food. Their dumplings are made of shiitake mushrooms that's flavored really good. The moist and juicy filling is so good you'd never thought it is a vegetarian dish. Definitely Masarap without any reservations.
One of my favorite dish for tonight is their Kare Kareng Gulay. Organic vegetables with creamy peanut sauce and they serve this with organic red rice and their own black beans vegetarian bagoong. I really like the whole flavor of the dish and even without any meat, the dish is really good. Definitely Masarap and a Must Try in Corner Tree Cafe.
The Thai Curry is creamy while the curry flavor is not too much. The spiciness level is also tolerable and this is perfectly good with the organic red rice. Masarap together with the rice crackers on the side.

Their Arroz A la Cubana has tofu, tomatoes, green olives, raisins and fried bananas. You can also opt to add egg with it and it is also served with organic red rice. The dish is flavored right and as they said, you can come back for this one. Masarap without reservations.

For dessert we had their Lemon and Orange Sorbet. A combination of sweetness and zesty flavors of this two fruits. If you like the sour taste of lemons this one is for you.
Overall, the restaurant offers a great alternative for your eating pleasure. They offer a wide variety of organic and vegetarian dishes. The restaurant is a bit small but they accept reservations. This is a very nice and cozy place too if you liked to dine alone.The pricing is a bit high but it is acceptable because  most of the dishes are organic and they are good. The staff are very nice and accommodating. This is truly a must try in Makati City. My personal rating is a 4 out of 5.

I will definitely be back here to try some other dishes and to take a clearer picture. The place is too dark for photos. Lol.

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