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The Chinese cuisine is one of the most celebrated food in the world. In the Philippines, lots of Chinese restaurants are scattered around the metro and the province. I am a fan of Chinese food because it is very flavorful and the servings are really great. Today, I am really excited to Hanan style Chinese food. I got a heads up earlier that their cuisine are really hot and spicy.

Uncle Mao's Authentic Hunan Cuisine is located along Neptune Street in Makati City. The restuarant is located near Century Mall and it is on the second floor of Assi Building. The restaurant has several VIP rooms that can accommodate around 10 to 15 persons. It looks pretty much like a regular house dining area making the feel a little homy. 
Our lunch for today includes Fish Fillets in Hot Chilli Oil, Dry Pot Chicken, Preserved Pork with Dried Raddish, Spiced Duck, Fried Pork with Green Chilli, Fillet Beef on Hot Iron Plate, Stew Pork with Special Red Sauce, Stir Fried Squid and Broccoli, Moro Tofu and Chongqiong Style Boiled Blood Curd.
The Fish Fillet in Hot Chilli looks like a very oily soup. The dish include a lot of whole peppercorns, chilli oils, bean sprouts and a lot of chilli. According to the owner, the dish is a favorite of the Chinese locals. I forgot to ask what kind of fish did they used because I liked it very much. The fish is really cooked right and it actually has its own flavor when you take a bite. The dish is perfect for a rainy day because it is really hot and spicy and will make you sweat. Masarap and hot.
The Dry Pot Chicken is in the middle level of spiciness. The chicken looks fried and stir fried with lots of red and green chilis, bell peppers and Chinese herbs. This one is quite perfect with rice and it'll make you eat more because it is spiciness. Masarap and hot.
The Preserved Pork with Dried Raddish is less spicy compared with the other dishes. The preserved pork tasted like a thick cut bacon and it is a little bit salty. The saltiness complimented the dried raddish especially when eaten together. The preserved pork is also tender. Masarap with a little reservation.

The Spiced Duck is the least favorite dish for me. The meat tasted a bit odd for maybe because it is duck. Not masarap for me.
The Fillet Beef on Hot Iron Plate is really good. The meat is tender and tasty and the spiciness is tolerable for me. Still, the dish has red and green chilis though it is mildly spicy. Masarap and hot.
The Stew Pork is one of the non spicy food that was served to us. The pork is really tender and it is like the Adobo here in the Philippines. Masarap though it has a lot of oil in it.
The Stir Fried Squid and Broccoli is another not spicy dish. The squid is a bit rubbery and broccoli is cooked just right. The dish has a very lightly flavored sauce. Masarap though I would prefer something else on their menu.
The Chongqiong Style Boiled Blood Curd is my favorite amongst the other dish. This is very spicy with chilli oil, red and green hot pepper, peppercorn, bean sprouts, slices of squid, pork some internal organs, eel and boiled blood. This is like a very spicy version of Pinapaitan here in the Philippines. This is perfect if your having a very cold beer. The dish is soaked in a very hot soup with chilli oil. Foodie note is Masarap.
Overall, the experience is really hot and spicy. The restaurant would be a good place for spicy eaters, just be careful in eating too much spicy food.The place is really comfy and nice for group. The food serving is good for 2 and sometimes 4 people. Personal rating for the restaurant is a 3.5 out of 5.

Special thanks to the owner of Uncle Mao's Authentic Hunan Cuisine and to Zomato Philippines for the invite.
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