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Friday night and looking for a good place to have a drink? Or just a weekday nigh out for dinner and drinks with friends? If you're in the BGC area or you're near the place, let me tell you about this recent discovery of mine, Skippy's Bar and Grill. The restaurant offers a very relaxed homy feel inside, it even has a billiard table inside that you can play at when you need to loose down some alcohol.
The restaurant is located at The Forum, 7th Avenue Corner Federacion Drive, Bonifacio Global City. It offers a wide range of menu from Steaks, Pastas, Burgers, Alcoholic Drinks and of course some finger foods.

We started the night with a serving of their famous Chicken Wings. I was shocked when they told me that the chicken is only 10 pesos each. You read that right, 10 pesos for each tasty and flavorful wing. That is every Monday to Wednesday (as of this writing) with a minimum of 15 pieces per order. This is no joke since the wings are really good. They even have a leaderboard of who ate the most wings in a certain time. Definitely Masarap without any reservations.
We also tried their Chicken Fingers with a sweet and spicy dip. Would you believe that this is also 10 pesos each. I literally yell WTH lol. This tender chicken bites is on promo during Thursdays (as of this writing) also with a minimum of 15 pieces per order. It taste good for a 10 pesos stick. Masarap without reservations.
One of the most ordered Pinoy pulutan must be Sisig, and Skippy's has their own version of it. Their Pork Sisig is creamy and very tasty. Unlike the other sisig which is very much minced meat and other things, their sisig is pretty much has bigger meat chunks which is very tender. I would personally recommend their sisig because it is definitely and absolutely Masarap without reservations. Whew.
While we're eating, we are also served with drinks and I was recommended to try their American Honey. I am not really a cocktail drinker or even a hard drinker but this one is good. It tastes bitter sweet.
To start our it out, yes we haven't really started, we were served with their very own Skippy's Salad. Fresh lettuce with chopped cucumbers, tomatoes, eggs, grilled chicken and cheese. This is served with their own dressing which is really really good. Served with toasted bread on the side. Definitely a MASARAP na starter.
They also served their Green Curry with rice. For their version they have a seperate serving of fresh onions and chilli so that their customers can control the spiciness level since not all customers prefer a very spicy curry. The green curry lightly flavored and the curry is not too overpowering. Foodie note is Masarap.
We also tried their Cajun Pizza which is really spicy but the flavor is still there. I don't like spicy foods that has no flavors because of its extreme spiciness. This is served in a thin crust which is crispy. Definitely pure spicy goodness.
I am just not sure sure if the second dish here was their Shepherd's Pie, this one is good for someone who doesn't like to eat rice. This is basically made from ground lamb and vegetables and their gravy is really good and creamy. Still masarap in my foodie note.
The next on their menu for tonight is their steak. We were served with two steaks, these include their Australian Beef Rib Eye Steak nd their Australian Beef Sirloin Steak. Both steaks are so tender and oh so good, but I prefer the sirloin better. I liked it because it is just so light while the rib eye is just so over with meaty goodness. Don't get me wrong okay, they are both good but I just liked the more lighter part I guess. Both are definitely MASARAP without reservations.
Oh my, I am so full already and then they served three burgers. To tell you guys honestly, I was not able to dig into the burger BUT I tried their beef patty. So the beef patty is a bit dry, well that is maybe because it took us so long to take pictures and we were pre occupied with the steaks. LOL. Kidding aside, their patty is really tasty. The flavor is inside and I can say that it is really good. Aside from the burgers, they offer this together with some fries on the side. I say that the fries is also the bomb. Crispy, lightly salted fries that is really perfect for a big serving of burgers.
Everything is just so good in Skippy's. The restaurant also offers lots of cocktails and drinks. Oh by the way, I think I was able to drink all of this awesome cocktail ehich is actually for sharing. Afterwards, I had glass of something that was recommended by Sir Steve, if I am not wrong it is their Benny's Recommendation. Really good.
The food here is really really good. The staff are also knowledgeable of their menu especially their drinks. They would not let you go out without trying any of their drinks. The place is so neat and so casual. You can sit here to grab dinner, watch your favorite sports, see bands during the weekend or just be alone and have drinks (that's me) lol. Rating this place a 4.5 out of 5 for its pure awesomeness. Value for money, good food, nice staffs and very accessible location.

This is really an awesome night thanks to the complimentary dishes of Sir Steve and Ma'am Tina of Skippy's Bar and Grill and to Zomato Philippines.

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