Calaguas Island (Almost Paradise)

Time Check: 2:00 PM, February 22, 2016

Woke up today missing Calaguas Island. I just came back from my trip around 1:30am today and the feels of my Calaguas trip is still crawling up at me. The feeling of going back to the island as immediate as possible is tickling my heart and my mind as of the moment. I just don't feel tired considering that going back and forth to the Island took us around 20 hours.  The tour cost P3,700 inclusive of the Coaster Van Fare, 3 Meals, Drinks and Boat Transfers.

Our trip started around 930PM of February 19. Me and 5 of my friends got the Calaguas tours offered by Byahe Adventours. We get in the van and traversed EDSA going to the far south looking forward for a great adventure. Three of us are first timers in Calaguas Island while the other 3 has been around the island a couple of times already. There were 12 of us inside and the coaster van was comfy enough for our group. It has pillows and blankets for everyone because the trip will be very long.

We arrived at Lucban, Quezon around 11:45PM and we stop by to have a break at Chef Janjie's home (Chef Janjie Ocoma is one of the owners of Byahe Adventours). We left their place around 12 midnight to have a coffee break at Cafe Jungle in Lucban Quezon. It will take us around 6 more hours to reach Vinzons Camarines Norte so I think we had to stop again. Cafe Jungle is a pretty nice restaurant offering coffee, pasta and pizza. I just had Cafe Americano since the restaurant do not offer any non fat or soya milk options. The coffee just cost me P40.00 while me and my friends shared this Garlic and Shrimp Pizza for P275.00. 
We left Cafe Jungle at around 1:30 am going to Camarines Norte. It was a bumpy ride traversing the dark road going to Camarines Norte. We arrived at Camarines Norte around 6:30AM and stop by McDonalds to have some breakfast. We continue on around 730AM and reached the Vinzons Port going to Calaguas Island around 8:00AM. Since the tide is still low when we arrived, it took us another 30 minutes of waiting before we hit the sea going to Calaguas Island.The travel time from the port area to Calaguas Island is around 2 hours. 
After almost 13 hours we finally reached Calaguas Island. I just can't help myself but I think I said wow like ten times when I hit the sand. Crystal clear waters, powdery sand and the calmness of the island is just so amazing. Since Chef Janjie will still prepare lunch we just can't help ourselves to change and hit the beach.
The beach is just so amazing.  It hits my wanderlust to go to the beach more often. An orgasmic feeling of amazement. I was so thrilled and enjoying myself too much that I only had around 9 photos of the beach. 

Our tour includes lunch, dinner and breakfast meals by Chef Janjie. We had Kare Kare and Fish Fillets for Lunch, Pork Binagoongan, Vegetables and Roasted Chicken for Dinner, Fried Fish, Homemade Bacon and Boiled Eggs for Breakfast. The meals are good and you can always get some more if you're  still hungry. They also have a round the clock water and coffee service. 
After dinner, Chef Janjie also offers alcohol mixing tips for everyone in the group. He also will perform a poi dance for the group. After the mixing and poi dance, everyone is free to mix their own drink. Yes, the drink is totally inclusive with the tour.
Aside from the beach, you can also trek one of the hills in the island to get a perfect view of the beach front and the sea behind the island. It's about 30 minutes of walking that is great to do at around 4:00PM. They also charge an extra P40.00 for this.
The tour will give tents to everyone which could fit around 3 to 4 people. The restrooms are also nice and cost around P75.00 per day. The island has no electricity and mobile signal so it is perfect if you needed to escape, bond your friends or even meet new friends.  At night, the lights are on until 12 midnight so it will be a bit dark past midnight while making it perfect to check out the night sky.
We left the island around 9:45AM, and I am leaving the island a bit sad. I really wanted to stay for a bit more.

Tips for newcomers:

1. Bring some extra clothes (you're going to get wet, I tell you).
2. Bring extra food (there's not a lot of stores in here so you better be prepared).
3. Bring a Jacket (it gets cold in the late evening and early morning).
4. Bring a small pillow and blanket (if you cannot sleep without it).

I am actually thinking of going back to the island this coming Holy Week, looking forward to it. Fingers crossed. 

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Special thanks to Byahe Travel Adventours for the awesome service.

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