On my birthday, I decided visit Kimukatsu since I really loved their flavored Katsu. Kimukatsu have branches in Shangrila, BGC and in Century City Mall. What makes their Katsu different from the others is that theirs is made up of 25 layers of pork cutlet. 
Kimukatsu is a famous pork cutlet restaurant in Japan with branches in Osaka, Tokyo and Yokohama among others. Their Katsu are very crispy on the outside and really juicy inside. Covered with fresh breadcrumbs, the Katsu are deep fried for 15 minutes before being steamed for another 2 minutes  to allow the heat to spread evenly inside.

The restaurant offers 7 Katsu flavors which include Black Pepper, Garlic, Negi Shio, Cheese, Umi Shiso, Yuzu Kosyo and Plain. Each Katsu cost around P380.00 to P430.00 depending on the variant for a 130g Katsu which includes a rice set with soup and unlimited cabbage.

Since I have 3 other friends with me, I decided to get their 5 Flavor Set with 4 rice meals P1,800.00. We tried the 4 flavor Katsu (P1,500.00) set before with a group of four people, but this time around the server was kind enough to discourage that. Well, I think you can share since it is all unlimited.
We tried their Garlic, Negi Shio, Cheese, Black Pepper and Plain Katsu. This set includes unlimited rice, cabbage and I think the soup also is unlimited. They offer four cabbage dressing but I like the Sesame dressing than Vinegar, Chili and Wasabi. The Miso soup have two choices, the lighter White Miso Soup and the more bolder Red Miso Soup. 
The Garlic Katsu has this overwhelming garlic taste that I sometimes associate it with garlic longganisa. The Negi Shio, which has marinated onion spring inside taste really fresh and it is also good and well seasoned. The Cheese is a favorite of mine, who would not love cheese? The Black Pepper is good which is not that spicy. While their Plain Katsu is simply juicy and well done. Their Katsu are really Masarap without reservations.
We also tried their creamy Ebi Mayo as an appetizer. Masarap without reservations.
My personal rating for the restaurant is

Food: 4.5
Service: 3.5
Place: 3.5

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