Memoirs from a Food Crawl, Coco Ichibanya

The second time me and my foodie crew's going on a food crawl. Food crawling is going on a number of restaurants in a particular neighborhood. It's fun if you're together with friends. Food crawling does not mean you're going to order your own food. Sharing is the key in food crawling because you don't want to be full right after one restaurant. So what you'll need is order about 2 or 3 dish depending on your group size.

For today's food crawl, we visited Capitol Commons and our first stop is Coco Ichibanya. Currently, the restaurant has 1400 branches worldwide. The first branch in Manila is located at Estancia Mall here in Capitol Commons. The brand came to fame for their curry and the customisable menu. 
We ordered Chicken Cutlet Curry Standard, Pork Cutlet Curry Level 1, Cheese Hamburger Curry Level 2, Pari Pari Chicken Level 3. Their highest spicy level is 5.
Chicken Cutlet Curry Standard (P340.00), like a chicken katsu in curry sauce and rice. The dish has a very tolerable spicy taste. The chicken cutlet is tender and not dry. The combination of curry sauce with the rice is really good, "Sauce pa lang ulam na". Masarap without reservations.
Pork Cutlet Curry Level 1 (P340.00), pork katsu and curry sauce with tolerable spicy taste. I loved tasting the creaminess of the sauce. The pork meat's not tender and tasted bland. Their curry sauce taste is consistent with every dish. Masarap with a bit of reservation.
Cheese Hamburger Curry Level 2 (P340.00), hamburger patty and curry sauce with rice. Already a bit spicy and it's kicking in. I can even taste the rich curry taste of the sauce even if it's spicy.  The melting cheese inside the burger patty just made it more delicious. Masarap without reservations.
Pari Pari Chicken Curry Level 3 (P310.00), chicken and curry sauce with rice. I like the flavor outside of the chicken but the meat tasted bland. The level 3 is really spicy for me. Masarap with a bit of reservation.

My overall rating for the restaurant is:

Food: 4.5
Service: 3.5
Place: 3.5

Final note: the curry sauce is really good.

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