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Finally got the chance to check out South Korea's number 1 pizza. Mr. Pizza opened its first Philippine branch in Greenbelt 3 just last year, and it is their number 505 store. Their pizza is 100% hand kneaded, the toppings are equally distributed on each pizza slice and they are also grill-baked making the pizza a little less oily. 
The most exciting part of their pizza is that you can choose your crust by adding P100.00 to P200.00. They have the Original, the regular crust and it comes with a garlic dip. Cheddarella (P100.00), mozarella and cheddar coated crust. Egg Tart (P100.00), pizza with egg custard  coated edge. Gold (P100.00), sweet potato filled edge. Mocha Bun (P100.00), mocha flavored soft dough with cream cheese edge. Cream Cheese (P200.00), with cream cheese. Chhese Cap (P100.00), cheese mousse filled. The pizza comes in regular and large sizes.
Their Macho Grande Pizza in Mocha Bun is a must try. Topped with tasty round steak and potatoes matched with the mocha bun with cream cheese edge. Loved the soft mocha flavored dough and I was surprised with the cream cheese in the end. My first time to have potatoes on my pizza and I think it added an extra texture to it. Priced at P630.00 for regular size and P830.00 for large. Definitely masarap without reservations. 
Another must try, their Eggta Pizza in Egg Tart Dough. Camembert cheese, cherry tomatoes and beef steak topped pizza with sweet custard on your last bite. The custard actually serves as your dessert after eating all that toppings. Priced at P800.00 for the regular size and P980.00 for the large size. A surprising combination that's masarap without reservations.
The Bulgogi Pizza on their signature crust is also amazing with ground beef, white onions, mushrooms and mozarella cheese. I love their original crust even without the garlic dip. Priced at P380.00 for the regular size and P580.00 for the large. Still masarap without reservations.
They also offer other side dishes like their chicken wings. Their Mr. Chicken (P230.00) and Ms. Chicken (P230.00) are served in pieces of eight. The Mr. chicken has this mildy sweet taste while the Ms. Chicken has sweet tangy and tamarind like taste. The Baked Wings (P230.00) was tasty but bit a dry, I could eat it without the dip. Their wings are masarap with a bit of reservations.
 (Mr. Chicken)
 (Ms. Chicken)
(Baked Wings)
Mr. Pizza also serve pasta dishes like Crab Carbonara (P330.00), Oven Baked Bacon Cream Spaghetti (P280.00) and their Oven Baked Meat Spaghetti (P280.00). The Crab Carbonara, light and creamy with real crab taste. Their Oven Baked Cream Spaghetti looks like the baked version of the crab carbonara without the crab but it has bacon (yey). The Oven Baked Meat Spaghetti is perfect for kids or kids at heart (like me!).
(Crab Carbonara)
(Oven Baked Cream Spaghetti)
(Oven Baked Meat Spaghetti)
My personal rating for the restauarant:

Food: 4.0
Service: -
Place: 3.5

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Mr. Pizza is located at the Level 1 of Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center, Makati City. They are open from 11:00AM to 12:00 Midnight.

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