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The rainy days are coming and it's the perfect time to grab a bowl of hot soup, coffee or chocolate drink. In our country, one favorite dish during rainy days is a bowl of Lugaw or Goto. Well not only during rainy days, this dish is a favorite the whole year round by kids and adults. From breakfast all the way to our midnight snack cravings, our Lugaw or Goto has been there for us.  

Perfect for today's weather, Zomato invited for a foodie meet up at Goto Monster. Their restaurant is located in La Paz, Makati City. Here's what we had:

We're served with their Iced Pineapple + Calamansi + Herb Slush. I liked that it didn't taste artificial like those powdered pineapple juice drink. Served with fresh calamansi that you need to juice out first into your drink. Masarap without reservations.
For our starter, we tried their Fresh Spring Rolls. A mix of mustasa salad and some bagnet chunks. Served with their peanut sauce, coriander sauce and chili sauce. You could mix and match these sauce to your liking though their peanut and chili sauce are the bomb. Definitely masarap without reservations.
We were also served with their Fresh Tofu Garden. Fresh tofu topped with their mustasa salad, salted eggs and crispy dulong. I liked the triple combination of tofu, salted egg and crispy dulong that I thought I need a bowl of rice with this (lol). There's just this bitter taste to it and I think it's the onion leeks. Masarap with a bit of reservation.
Finally, the main star of the night, their Goto Special. Served in a big bowl, this hot goto smells so good. Topped with ox tripes, salted egg and their tinapa sauce. We're also served with some extra toppings which includes their bagnet, fried tofu and crispy talong chips. When I tasted their goto without mixing the toppings, I find it a bit bland. This was later on explained to us that their goto broth has no meat. You can either mix and match some of their toppings which is good for vegetarians too. They also have mushrooms as toppings. I really love my goto bowl with all of my choice toppings in it. Masarap without reservations.
After the savory Goto Special, it is time for some waffles for dessert. We had their Banana Chocnut Waffle, Champorado Waffle and their Bibingka Waffle. I really loved their sweet offerings. The Champorado Waffle comes with a serving of crispy dulong while the Bibingka Waffle is topped with salted eggs. Definitely a must try in Goto Monster. Masarap without reservations.
Here's my personal rating for the restaurant:

Food: 4.0
Place: 3.0
Service: -

I really had a good time at Goto Monster and will definitely come back for my Goto cravings. Follow them on their social media account  on Facebook and Instagram .

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Happy Eating,

Foodie Day Out

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