Le Bar's Merienda Buffet

Le Bar at Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila has put up a new buffet idea and I am pretty sure that we're gonna love it. Foodie Day Out was recently invited by Zomato and Le Bar at Sofitel Manila to try out their new Merienda Buffet. It was launched September 17, 2016 and it features mostly Filipino merienda dishes like puto, champorado and halo-halo. It also serve some cookies, macaroons and sandwiches.
What we love the most:

Manila Mango Tea, the buffet also offer unlimited tea and brewed coffee. I chose tea this afternoon since it looks like I am in a garden with a fountain of merienda ready to be picked at any moment. The Manila Mango is just so good that I didn't stop having small sips every now and then. It has this juicy aroma and taste. Definitely masarap without reservations.
Pansit Palabok, they have this section where you can make your own Pansit Palabok. You decide the amount of toppings and sauce for your delight. I really liked this and I remember one of my lola preparing this during Christmas and New Year. Masarap without reservations.
Arrozcaldo and Champorado, on the same corner where you find the Pansit Palabok you'll also see their steamy hot Arrozcaldo and Champorado. This is really perfect since it is raining when I visited Le Bar. Hot and savory Arrozcaldo and creamy and chocolatey Champorado. Masarap without reservations.
They also serve Chicken Wings in cajun Spice, Pork Barbecue and Embutido. I really love their embutido which reminds me of one of my Aunt's recipe during our fiesta and the holidays. The Chicken Wings was a bit dry while the barbecue is so tender and tasty. Their Embutido is definitely masarap with or without rice.
You could also try their Fresh Lumpia. I had mine with lots of garlic and their special sauce.

For desserts, they have different kinds of kakanin like Puto, Kutsinta and Suman. They also have Ube Halaya and their very special Halo-Halo. They also have Bibingka and Puto Bumbong which is just great for the coming holiday season.
The Le Bar Merienda Buffet is open during Saturdays from 2:30PM to 5:30PM and it cost P750.00 per person. Now you can have a delicious merienda in a world class hotel. Le Bar is located at the Lobby Level of the Sofitel Philippines Plaza Manila, CCP Complex, Pasay City.
My personal rating for the restaurant:

Food: 4.0
Place: 4.5
Service: -

Thank you very much to the management of Le Bar and Zomato Philippines for letting Foodie Day Out experience this awesome afternoon merienda.

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Happy Eating,
Foodie Day Out

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  1. Le Bar's Merienda Buffet, just look at the environment and the decoration they have done. Best place for the couples and family gathering. I will love to visit this place.


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