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Namoo House Premium Korean Barbecue is a Korean barbecue restaurant located at Uptown Parade, Taguig City. It is a franchise of the popular Maple Tree House restaurant in Seoul but due to some business name restrictions they decided to name the place Namoo House. Namoo in the Korean language means Tree so Namoo House actually means Tree House. Namoo House Premium Korean Barbecue is the fifth branch of the Maple Tree House chain and it is their first international location.

Founded by Canadian nationals Jun Park and Paul Hong, both of Korean descent, Maple Tree House first opened in 2005 in the Samchong-dong district in Seoul. The restaurant interior at the time surprised its customers because it had a unique contemporary-industrial design using natural elements such as wood, stone and copper. Their branch here in the Philippines is actually the same as they have  real tree trunks that welcomes you when you enter. It gives this cool and close to nature ambiance to restaurant.

Maple Tree House was brought to the Philippines by its founder Mr. Wellington Kho. In one of his visit to Seoul, Mr. Kho was impressed and instantly fell in love with Maple Tree House's concept. Wanting to share his excellent gastronomic experience, he decided to bring home not just a slice of Maple Tree's barbecue, but the franchise itself.

The menu of Namoo House is no different from what is being served in Maple Tree House in Seoul. All of the food items are meticulously prepared to be at par with the original Maple Tree House dishes in Seoul.

So what are the must try at Namoo House Premium Korean Barbecue? Allow us to share some of them.

Aged USDA Prime Ribeye, juicy and tender well aged prime ribeye steak grilled over oak wood charcoal. Priced at P950.00 per 150 grams, this melt in your mouth and flavourful piece of meat is the bomb. No need to say anything, it is definitely masarap without reservations.

Marinated Boneless Short Ribs, delicious boneless short ribs further tenderized in Namoo's house fruit marinade. This fruity variant of their barbecue is kinda refreshing  and t actually reminded me of some Pinoy style barbecue on which they used pineapple juice to marinade. A serving of this cost P750.00 for 150 grams. Our tastebud verdict? Masarap without reservations.

Kurobota Pork Belly, imported black pork from Japan and regarded as one of the highest quality of pork there is. Tender and tasty slices of black pork, what more can we ask for. The dish cost P595.00 at  150 grams. Definitely masarap without reservations.

Aged USDA Prime Striploin, well marbled prime striploin aged just right to maximize flavor and tenderness. I just wonder how long they need to aged the meat because the flavor is really intact. At P795.00 for a 150 gram serving, this is also amazing. Masarap without reservations.

Special Jumbo Beef Rib Soup, a large slab of beef back ribs boiled for hours upon hours giving it a classic soup depth flavor. A perfect order if you wanted to warm up the cold season. This tasty soup is priced at P475.00 with one large rib. Masarap without reservations.

Stone Bowl Bibimbap, assorted vegetables and rice heated in a traditional stone bowl to add that crispy effect to a classic Korean meal. Their bibimbap is a mix of 90% white rice and 10% black rice.  A real stunner on its own, the crispiness added more extra points to the dish. Priced at P395.00, definitely a must try. Masarap without reservations.

All orders of their steaks comes with fresh green lettuce as well as some Korean side dish like caramelized anchovies, kimchi, scrambled egg and radish. Oh, and it's also unlimited.

One of the great things about Namoo House is that their staff grill your steak. But still you can choose to grill them by yourself if you wanted to. I suggest to let them cook the meat for you because they really know how to cook the meat at its best. They also use Oak Wood charcoal and they replace the grill every time you have a new steak to grill. Now isn't that awesome?

Namoo House Premium Korean Barbecue is truly a great place to experience premium and delicious Korean barbecue. They satisfy their customers with a blast of flavors from each dish and offering the highest quality of food. 

Our personal rating for the restaurant:

Food: 4.5
Place: 4.5
Service: -

Namoo House Premium Korean Barbecue
Uptown Parade, Bonifacio Global City
38th Street corner 11th Avenue, Taguig City
Facebook: Namoo House
Contact Nos.: 946-3733 / 0917-527-3898

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