Chubs Chasers

Looking for affordable and delicious steaks around the Metro could be tricky. Steaks are normally expensive especially if you’re looking for Angus Beef or Wagyu Beef. However, there are some places where you can discover tasty yet budget friendly steaks that will satisfy your carnivore self. 

Chubs Chasers is known for their budget friendly steaks. Located along the food stretch of Visayas Avenue, you’ll never miss the place with its flashing neon name and their big logo. Intrigued with the restaurant name, we visited Chubs Chaser for dinner. It was an awesome time for us when we visited because the restaurant was giving free Nachos because of the recently concluded Miss Universe Pageant.

Another great appetizer is their Flaming Buffalo Wings will scare you for a bit because they really set it ablaze in front of you. The wings are perfectly cooked and seasoned. The buffalo wings sauce had a nice tangy kick to it and the chicken wings itself are not dry even after all that fire action.  

One of Chubs Chaser's best seller is their Sirloin Steak. They offer it either sexy size which is around 200 grams and the chubby size which is twice the serving size of sexy. I had my steak at medium rare since I am worried that it might be too chewy and tough. The sirloin is marinated well and you can taste it in the meat. It was not tough and chewy.

We also ordered their T-Bone Steak which is a bit thicker than the Sirloin and it was also cooked medium rare. Just like the Sirloin Steak, you can really taste that the good quality of meat and is well marinated. 

We also ordered their Back Ribs which is easily one of our favorites. Well seasoned fall-off-the-bone pork ribs that is perfectly cooked and pairs well with rice or their mashed potatoes. The ribs tasted really good even without the sauce on the side.  

To perfectly end our meal we had their Chocnut Smores and Mango Grahams.

Overall, our experience with Chubs Chasers was great. Their steaks and ribs is good and the service is commendable. We're definitely be coming back for their sulit steaks.

Our personal rating for the restaurant:

Food: 4.0
Service: 4.0
Place: 4.0

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