Nanbantei Yakitori Bar

I’ve known the Japanese to be the most enthusiastic, precise, and passionate people about food. It plays a very important part of their culture, so people all over the world enjoy the same journey of flavor, culture, and color on a beautiful platter or bowl.

We’ve had a lot of Japanese restaurants open in Manila, and the sushi game here is pretty strong. So how do you keep the stove hot? You open a yakitori bar.

Nanbantei Yakitori Bar captures the same cozy yet busy vibe of its forefathers Nanbantei of Tokyo with three branches all over the metro. Situated along Esperenza street right outside Greenbelt, getting there is not the problem. The real problem here is getting all their amazing yakitori down your tummy.

They use a special charcoal called “BINCHOTAN” to grill the yakitori. Compared to our local coals, this cooks the meat evenly giving it that smoky and consistent flavor. These coals are delivered straight from Japan, so even at almost 2,000 miles apart, we Filipinos still get to enjoy that authentic Japanese experience. Sounds good no?

Here’s what we had:

Let’s start off with my personal favorite, the Pork Yakiniku. It was everything I hoped a good yakitori would taste like, smoky, tender, flavorful and simple. Equally good was the Leba Maki (chicken liver wrapped in bacon). It wasn’t overcooked and the play on texture inside your mouth was a wonderful surprise. The Leba Maki goes really well with their Nanbantei signature sauce! Remember to ask for it on your visit.

The Beef Garlic Yaki did not disappoint as well! It tastes as beautiful as it looks and went really well with the Yaki Meshi (Japanese fried rice) and their Nanbantei sauce.

We also enjoyed the Yaki Ika (baby squid), Tebasaki (chicken wings), Ebi Kushi Yaki (skewered shrimps), and the Momo (grilled chicken thigh).

Unlike the three Nanbantei of Tokyo branches who serve group meals –family style, Nanbantei Yakitori Bar serves only yakitori. This branch also serves cocktails and beers, alongside their wide selection of yakitori. The Nanbantei franchise is known for using fresh meat, to guarantee the best gastronomic experience for its customers. 

Other noteworthy dishes include their Spicy Tuna Maki (served so fresh you could almost taste the sea), Ebi Tempura, Agedashi Dofu, and the Karikari Agezakana (crispy fried fish). We loved the Kani and Tuna Salad for starters. 

The Black Sesame Ice Cream was a perfect finish to the yakitori experience.

Overall, the experience was excellent! And since we weren’t able to try everything on the menu, we’re definitely excited to come back to try out the rest. 

Foodie Day Out's personal rating for the restaurant:

Food: 5.0
Service: -
Place: 5.0

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Nanbantei Yakitori Bar
109 Carlos Palanca Street,
Legazpi Village, Makati City
Contact Number: 02-805-8428

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