The Belle & Dragon

The Belle & Dragon is a restaurant fitted in the urban jungle. Located at the busy neighborhood of Makati City, this gem boasts Asian Fusion dishes as well as perfectly cold draft beers. Just a few a blocks away from the go to restaurants of the corporate beings in the area, The Belle & Dragon came prepared carrying their draconian silk flags and it’s ready to slay.

As the restaurant name suggest, the whole place is decorated with a castle vibe in it. Designed with flags, birdcages, books, golden beer taps with chalkboard green walls, The Belle & dragon create a perfect ambiance for watching your favorite sport or just loosening your tie and letting your hair down to relax and call the rest of the day off.

We are very thankful that we’re invited for the exclusive Zomato Foodie Meet Up at The Belle & Dragon for us to experience what it has to offer. Here’s some of the dishes that we had:

Wanton Nachos, wanton crisps with hoisin sour cream slaw, sriracha aioli, mozzarella cheddar, and ground pork. With the right amount of ground pork, mozzarella and the combination of sour cream slaw and sriracha, this appetizer will surely get your appetite a notch higher.
Price: P410.00

Single Dragon Burger, USDA Black Angus beef patty with cheddar cheese, and caramelized onion. You can add supplements of foie gras, fried egg, bacon or sautted mushroom for a cost. Burger with a thick patty that’s cooked really well, it goes amazing with bacon and if you can spare a dime, their foie gras. If a single patty is not enough for you, get their Double Dragon with double patty.
Price: Single Dragon P385.00, Double Dragon P520.00

Jerk Chicken, grilled chicken meat with cucumber, pickled onions, lime juice, chili, basil, mint, and their own satay sauce. One of their lunch best sellers, this Thai inspired chicken dish is one of the slaying meal of this fortress. Their meat was seasoned well and it’s perfectly cooked. Their satay sauce infuse that creamy nutty taste to the dish making it more delectable.
Price: P345.00

House Dry Aged Steak, USDA Black Angus rib eye aged in house for 28 days. This succulent and tender slab of meat has flavors that you can taste from the inside out. We had ours at Medium Well and it’s just perfectly done. A must try from The Belle & Dragon.
Price: 500g P2,500.00, 800g P3,400.00

The Belle & Dragon also serve a wide variety of draft beers as well as local and international beers. They have great deals on their draft beers, Heineken Happy Hour from 4-7Pm at P100.00 per glass, San Miguel all you can at P999.00 and a lot more.

Their small plates and burgers is good for one individual while the bar chow, salads, and their large plate could be shares by up to 3 people. The 500g steak I believe is good for 3 while the 800g could serve 5 person. The place is perfect for a group night out after office especially if you all wanted to grab some beers.

Our personal rating for the restaurant:

Food: 4.0
Service: -
Place: 4.5

I also heard that’s there’s a hidden bar somewhere inside The Belle & Dragon but I haven’t actually saw the place. It would be cool to check it out on our next visit.

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