New Diner Alert!

There are two effective ways to make me eat healthy food, either cover it in dark chocolate or do it really, really well. Haha! Kidding aside, a new diner along Timog Avenue will be serving the healthiest comfort dishes and is set to open its doors this month. So yeah, a healthier lifestyle just got easier for everyone in Quezon City!

Gluten-free and organic dishes stars Jet 7 Bistro Diner’s menu. Curated by well-renowned chef Rowell Gomez and his team, the relaunch will surely bring together old patrons and new ones. Chef Rowell used to be part of Casino Espanol and Plantation Bay in Cebu. He has also prepared dishes for VIP’s in Abu Dhabi, Switzerland, France, Morocco, UK and Africa. With a playful palate like his, Jet 7 Bistro Diner is sure to satisfy every man’s craving for good food. 

Keeping the homey vibe of its previous interiors, Jet 7 Bistro Diner offers a relaxing dining experience that will make you feel right at home. The place is perfect for family lunches over the weekend, an after-work barkada catch-up dinner, a quick picker-upper after the gym perhaps? With its wide selection of local and international dishes, there's surely a plate for every palate.

Packed with Instagram worthy dishes and affordable prices, the diner will turn every spoonful into a smile, and every table a feast. Stay tuned for the grand opening this month! We'll keep you posted. 


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