Say Hi to 81 Seihai

A New Japanese Lounge in Morato wants to Say Hei!

It’s hard for a restaurant to stand out in a crowded place like Tomas Morato, agree? With all these new food concepts popping out left and right, consumers like me are having a hard time choosing where to eat and could only hope to heavens that I get my money’s worth.

Let’s admit it, foodparks closing left and right might be a sign that people are really getting tired of fusion and innovative-forward food. Personally, I just want straightforward good food, good conversations, (and maybe a bottle of beer or two), in a place with good ambiance, and good music. 

Well titos and titas of Norte, let us all say hi to 81Seihei!

81 Seihai is located at the GF President Tower, 81 Timog Avenue, Quezon City. Upon entering the place, the murals on the ceiling and the walls made by artist Mandy Martinez will set you on a good mood. From the meticulously-drawn dragon ceiling mural, to the flowy cherry blossoms and kois swimming across the walls, every corner of this place is definitely IG-worthy.

The dishes served at 81 Seihai are curated by NYC-trained Executive Chef, Ronnie de Guzman. We were there to witness his amazing knife skills behind the counter during 81 Seihai’s press launch, and here’s a list of the dishes we tried (and devoured)!

The House Cucumber Roll is a clump of kani wrapped in thin cucumber sheets and is drizzled with Japanese mayo. The fresh cucumber and light kani definitely stirs up one’s appetite (note: not for sharing, because it’s that good). The gyozas were equally good too. While I’m not a fan of mushrooms, the Shitake with Cheese was surprisingly delightful. Interesting earthy notes and because cheese. <3

The Pork Tonkatsu was golden fried to perfection, and lived up to everything you dreamed a good tonkatsu should be.

Shrimp Bisque Ramen was an easy crowd favorite. It has a nice, rich broth that broth the house down (see what I did there?) Everything was subtle, and on point. I think UMAMI was coined after this ramen was born, no joke. Will come back to try the 3-cheese Udon and Creamy Gomoku! (ramen fan here!!!)

Now we roll over to the rolls, MAKI! 

An easy favorite is Chef Ronnie’s Dragon Roll. Everything was a tasty as it looks. This is your too-pretty-to-eat dish at 81 Seihai.

The Flaming Maki however was a scene-stealer. A log of maki swimming in a pool of cheese, drenched in alcohol, and then set to flames. This would have to be the least boring dish on the menu, and will easily melt any cheese lover’s heart on cue. (heart melts)

The Mocktails make good food-pairings too! I was able to try the Virgin Watermelon Mojito just because haha!

Overall, the experience was beyond satisfying. I’d definitely bring my officemates and family here for lunch, to enjoy the freshest sashimis I ever laid chopsticks on, very good (and wide variety of) dishes to choose from, and finally its warm lounge-y ambiance. 

However at night, this place turns into a modern upbeat lounge bar that serves awesome cocktails and beers! So yeah, this is definitely a place for everyone!

81 Seihai opens this Friday! See you there! 

Instagram: @81seihai

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